Monday, December 8, 2014

18 Months.

Well Family and Friends....18 months. I really can't believe I have been gone that long and that my time here is up. It really seems like last week I was being "kicked to the curb" in the MTC. And now here I am trying to find the motivation to pack my bags (I hate packing...with a passion.) :)

As I look back on my mission I am only grateful. Grateful for the hard times and the good times. Grateful for the amazing experiences I had and for the life long friendships I have made. And especially grateful for everything I have learned while being out here. Its been one of the hardest things I have done but also one of the greatest things. 

When I was in the MTC, Sister Sherri Dew came and spoke to all of us and gave an AMAZING talk that I have never forgotten. She talked about 4 things that she thought every missionary should learn while being out on their missions. The 1st was to figure out who you are and why you are here. The 2nd was to really, deeply understand who the Savior is and what he did for you personally. The 3rd was to figure out how I receive revelation and the 4th was to better understand Gods power, or the Priesthood. From that day on I was determined to make sure I learned/figured out all of those things while I was out here. So that talk quickly became my "mission goals". Luckily I can say that I have figured those 4 things out. On my mission I have figured out who I am and who I want to be in the future. I know my relationship with my Heavenly Father and that I am loved and admired. I came out here to the Belgium/Netherlands mission and worked really dang hard and saw so many miracles. During the hard times when I felt alone and was feeling extra home-sick and really was wanted some Cafe Rio ;), is when I came to know who Jesus Christ is and what he did for me. And that we NEVER need to feel alone because we never are. And one really cool part of being a missionary is you get the opportunity to be Gods hands. I couldn't even count how many times I have said something to an investigator or member, or whoever it may be, and heard my own words and knew that it hadn't come from me. I learned how to really communicate with him and he communicates with me. We are literally just the lords mouthpiece in this amazing work and we all get the privilege to take part in it. I have seen the Gospel change lives and I know Gods power is real. The Priesthood is a real thing and its the way God work with us today. I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet and translated the Book of Mormon so we could have it today. There isn't one bone of doubt in my body. Ive loved every single second of these past 18 months  and I know there is nothing better I could have been doing instead of this work. I love you all and I can't wait to see you in just a few short days!!! :) Thank you one last time for all of the support and love! You are all amazing!! See you on the flip side!! 

Love, Zuster Brophy

Monday, December 1, 2014

ITS DECEMBER. Cue the Freak out.

Hello Family and Friends-
Wow.....time is just weird. We are really getting down to the Nitty Gritty and I never thought I could experience so many emotions at the same time and it is quite the experience if I do say so myself. I am freaking out. But okay. Thats I hear.
This week was so busy and it went by soooo fast!! We saw lots of miracles and we had lots of events! We had a zone conference in Zoetermeer and Elder Moreira, from the seventy, came and spoke to our mission and it was sooo good. It was super funny because he was actually my companions brothers old mission president. Small world! I gave my dying testimony in front of I didnt cry too much. And got to see lots of people for the last time! We have been staying busy this week with investigators and members. We have been going crazy with finding and keeping as busy as possible. If there is one thing I am doing at the last end of my mission...that is working. I dont want any regrets! Its getting super cold here...a small taste of the Netherlands winter before I head out. I dont have a winter coat but that purple rain coat is working out really good. Layering is going to be my best friend this next week and a half. Haha this week we are going on exchanges for one last time and it is also SinterKlaas on Friday the 5th. Which is basically when the Dutch celebrate Christmas. Its when they get all of their presents and have all of their parties. So we are going to be partying it up :) I LOVE THIS WORK. And I love all of you! You are all the greatest!! Keep being awesome.
Love, Zuster Brophy

Fixing Amber..good times :)
 Us with our investigator Nick. He is so cool!
 I am going to miss Zuster Jones :)
 Us and our investigator Sophie :)
 Us after conference.

Monday, November 24, 2014


Hello Family and Friends-
Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I cant believe it is that time of year again!! Time flies! We were able to have a really fun Pday today with our zone in Den Bosche and played some good ol American Football and all got lunch together in celebration of Thanksgiving. This week we are going to an American Families house and she is making some really yummy food for us all and I am super excited. I got lucky both years for Thanksgiving with a traditional American meal. :)
This week was a really great one! One of our biggest miracles was our new Investigator Mitchel! Apparently when Zuster Lemich was traveling down to Belgium with the other missionaries two weeks ago for Legality she contacted this guy and ended up getting into a really good conversation with him and gave him a card when she got off the train. Well, Tuesday after district meeting the phone starts ringing and I see that its an unknown number and answer it and its this guy, and he goes Hey this is Mitchel, I met you guys on the train about a week ago and I am interested in learning more about your message and what you guys believe. My jaw literally dropped. haha you dont see that happening very often. We made an appointment with him for the next day and we were both super excited. We have met with him twice already and he is super positive and super open to learn about what we believe. :) SO cool. Our other investigator Nick, is making incredible progress! He came to church for the first time yesterday and loved it! He participated in all of the lessons and got along really great with everyone. He literally texts us almost daily asking for another chapter to read in the Book of Mormon. Me and and Zuster Lemich decided we should tell him to start on page 1 and make his way through the whole book. Haha we have seen so many miracles, its insane! We currently have 6 progressing investigators and we are super happy.

This upcoming week is super busy! We have two crazy days and then a Conference in Zoetermeer on Thursday with the Den Haag and Antwerpen zones. Im super excited to see everyone for the last time! We are also going to Den Haag on Friday for more Legality things for Zuster Lemich and Saturday and Sunday are already booked with appointments. Life is good :) Its really a weird feeling coming down to the end. Its such a sweet and sour feeling and my brain really just doesnt know what to do with all my emotions right now. I am realizing more and more everyday how much my mission has meant to me and how much I love it. I wouldnt trade these last 18 months for the world! I love this gospel and I know its true! Thanks for all the support and prayers. I love you all!
Love, Zuster Brophy

 You know you are in the Netherlands around Christmas time when you see Olie Bollen.
SOOOO lekker.

 Soo.. I joined the Dutch Army. :) yes....those are real guns.

Monday, November 17, 2014

4 day exchanges....why not?

Hello Friends and Family-
What a crazy awesome week!! We went to sleep last night and I woke up this morning and started doing a normal regular thing and Zuster Lemich started cleaning the apartment up (like we always do on Mondays) and I realized that it was Monday again!! Idk what my problem was but I had literally forgotten and not realized it. Haha weeks just go by so stinking fast its crazy. Especially right now...Im just freaking out.
We got to go on a 4 day exchange with Zuster Kohlert and Zuster Maughan from Utrecht and it was so much fun. Zuster Lemich and Zuster maughan needed to go back down to Belgium for more legality issues so me and Zuster Kohlert just got to party it up here in Breda. We did lots and lots of contacting and found some awesome new investigators. We also celebrated our 17  month mark with some take out chinese food and Ben & Jerrys. It was delicious. And we have been seeing miracles just left and right in this city! One of our progressing investigators,  Nick, texts us almost daily now with questions about the gospel and also asking for more reading assignments from the Book of Mormon. And he wants to be baptized sometime in December or January and I am SO excited for him! He is so golden. Sophie is still progressing and has come to church the past few weeks. We also found another Golden investigator last Tuesday. His name is Ali and he is from Iran. He let us right in on the door and we gave the Restoration lesson and he basically asked us for a return appointment instead of the other way around. We took an awesome joint teach this last Friday and he is super prepared with lots of questions and things for us to help him with. We have lots of good potentials we are working with as well. All ones that have gotten the number off of our card and called US. That doesnt ever happen!! Z Lemich turned the big 20 on Friday, so of course we had a nice little party in celebration of her being really old. Made some good cake, took some great pictures. Life is just really great :)
I am enjoying every second out here!! Its one very bittersweet feeling about having this experience end very soon but I am just soaking it all in as much as I can. Thanks for all the support, love, and your prayers! You are all the best and I cant wait to see your faces soon!
Love, Zuster Brophy

Monday, November 10, 2014

Yes....I got to go back to BELGIUM!!!

Hello Family and Friends-

Another week has come and gone and It went by wayyy too fast! We have been staying busy and the days just mush together into one big happy event and I dont know how to describe it! read it right....BELGIUM. Zuster Lemich had to do some legality things down in Brussels so we got to go back for my first time since I left and I was sooo much fun! Ah, how i love that place. We traveled with the elders through Antwerpen and then straight to Brussels and Zuster Lemich had some really delicious Belgian frites and some good waffles. So much fun! We have been teaching alot as well. We got a member referral from a family here in the ward named the De Wildes. They have two kids on missions, one in the states in Ohio and the other in London England. And it was their daughters work friend and his name is Nick and he is 26 and is absolutely GOLDEN. He is totally open for the gospel and they let us come over, all have dinner together at their house, and then give a lesson. Super Member Presents! Woo! We are hoping to set a baptismal date with him very soon. This last Tuesday night we were out knocking doors super late at night and we get to our very last one and this girl named Angela opens the door and right when I saw her face I got this feeling that I needed to talk to her about the Plan of God and tie that into the Book of Mormon. So immediately I did that, and she got this really cool look in her eye and accepted the book and asked US to come back and share more about it (because she was busy at the time). It was SOOO cool. Those are the moments when you just know that the spirit is speaking through you to these people and its the coolest feeling ever. So we made an appointment for the next night at the same time. So we were both super excited and everything was good. Well the next night came and we had an appointment with another member literally on the other side of the city and it ended up going later than we thought and we werent going to make it back out to Angela on time/ let alone at all because it was so late. Through the whole appointment I was just dying inside because I wanted to go back so bad and we didnt even have her number to call her. When we get outside I pull the phone out of my pocket and check to see if we had missed anything and there is a missed call from a random number and a voicemail. I listen to it and guess who it is?! ANGELA. She had gotten our number off the card we gave her and called us. And she ended up not being able to do it that night anyways and she said in her voicemail that she wanted to make another appointment with us. This never happens people. Ever. Dutch people just dont do that. It was such a miracle and we were both just freaking out. So we called her back and we have an appointment with her this week and I am so excited to see what happens! Missionary work is the best.
This week is going to be a really great one! Zuster Lemich is turning 20 on Friday and we are going to party it up! We get to go on exchanges this week and teach some really awesome lessons! Life is good. I love and miss all of you!! Thanks for the support and prayers!

Love, Zuster Brophy


 Me with all the greenies getting their legality done. I was the oldest sister there and was in charge of leading everyone around in Brussels. Now if thats not weird...I dont know what is.

 This is what happens when you bike in skirts...haha so funny!
 More Belgium :)
First belgian waffle..yummy!
 Eskimos :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Breeeeeeeeeeeeeedda :)

Hello Family and Friends-
I am in love with this city. There is no doubt about it. It is so beautiful and so much fun to be living here. We have a DISHWASHER. Do you know how amazing this is?! This is a miracle. We live across the street from the church and literally a 2 minute walk to the grocery store and a 20 minute walk to the centrum. I am a happy camper to say the least :) It has definately been a crazy week though! Saying goodbye to everyone in Capelle was definately not the easiest thing to do. Lots of tears were shed with investigators and members. I really loved that city and those people and It will always be a very special city for me. Somehow I got everything packed, man I have accumlated SOOO much junk on in the last 17 months and I cant figure out how. Somehow I got it all to fit in my two suitcases and dropped it off early in the morning in Rotterdam Centraal with the zone leaders. I went up to Leiden to the mission office and picked up my little daughter, Zuster Lemich!!! She is almost 20 and is from Cedar City. Lets just say....Our mission president is inspired. We are literally the same person. We both have a Diet Coke Addiction, both love Cafe Rio, both pass out when we get shots or touch a needle in general, and all of our interests and mannerisms are the same. Haha its kind of crazy. Needless to say, we have had a very exhausting but amazing first week together! Her Dutch is amazing, she has that amazing drive and motivation to work hard, and this transfer is just going to be a blast!  On Friday night for Halloween we went and got her first Speculoos cake and dressed up as mother/daughter. It was so great. White washing has of course made it super exciting and stressful. Since this is my first time training its just made it all that much more fun. However, we literally just walked straight into a gold mine. This city is amazing! Thursday morning, we were walking to the bus stop and I saw this lady and in my head I thought, Hey you should talk to her. So we get over to the bus stop and Im trying to figure out how a good way is to start a conversation without being completely awkward. Eventually I start talking to her and we had a really good conversation and she ended up coming to church on Sunday and we have had 2 lessons with her now. SO awesome! The sisters before us had also left alot of good investigators and potentials that we have been able to look up and that has been great and fun! On Sunday we were able to go to church and this ward is so amazing! They are all pro-missionary work and ready to help us with whatever we need. The Bishop is one of the nicest, loving men I have ever met and we are just so happy to be here. I have made a goal that I wanted to make this transfer one of those transfers where every night when you get home you just fall into your bed because you are so tired. And so far, we have literally done that every night. There was one night this week I didnt even make it to the point of changing my clothes I was so tired. Haha I love missionary work and I am loving being here with Zuster Lemich to help these people in Breda! I love and miss you all and thank you for your support and love!

Love, Zuster Brophy

Me and Zuster Lemich

Halloween Night..dressed up as Mother and Daughter :)

Breda is Beautiful!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Well....Im ending it with a BANG :)

Hello Family and Friends-

Welll.....We heard about transfers and.....IM TRAINING AND WHITE WASHING IN BREDA!!!! WOOO!! I am beyond excited!! When I wished to end it with a bang, I really did get my wish. haha I am super excited to see another city, and I have been to Breda once and it is SOO pretty and the cutest little dutch city. And I get to have a little baby daughter greenie :) Its going to be an adventure to say the least....white washing with kohlert six months ago was one of the funnest, most stressful things Ive im excited!  Zuster Greenwell is also training but staying here in Capelle/Rotterdam. She is freaking out about taking over the city and everything but I know she will do just fine. Pretty much my whole group of sisters that go home in a transfer are all training-white washing/ or sister training leaders for their last transfer. President is keeping us busy for this last one  :) very very wise. So I will be packing all of my stuff up and going to the mission office on Wednesday morning with all my stuff and pick up my greenie. Then we will haul all of my stuff and her stuff all the way down south to Breda where I am hoping someone will be there to take us to our apartment? haha idk we will see. And then there ya go.....a last transfer of miracles!! I am beyond excited!! YAYYY! oh and just to put the cherry on top of the cake...I am in the Antwerpen, Belgium stake so I will beable to see alot of the members from Gent right before I die. :) How much more perfect can it be?!!

We had a good week here in Capelle! I am really going to miss this city. It will Always be such a special city for me and I will miss these people soooo much!! Thank heavens for technology after the mission! We had alot of good appointments this week with our investigators and said alot of goodbyes and visited alot of members. We had a huge party last night with our investigator Mano. His whole family came over and made indonesian food and 8 other elders from our district also were able to come and it was a blast. Lots of singing and dancing and having a good time. They are seriously a miracle family. We gave the spiritual thought that was very centered on Christ and the spirit was SOOO strong! Afterwards, the dad of the family looked at me and said Thank you so much for knocking on our door. Everytime you come over I get this really warm feeling and it makes me feel good. I know you guys are doing a good work and we are going to miss you alot. AHHH I died. They have been making so much progress and its amazing to see. We also were able to visit Iris this week, unfortunately she got sick so we couldnt meet with her on Thursday but we both had a feeling on Friday night that we really needed to visit her. So we went over and went up and started chatting with her. Turns out she had been having a really hard day and needed someone to talk to. We read out of the scriptures and the spirit was there. Its one of the coolest things in the whole world to see the changes and the progress these people make. I have never seen it in my life before now, and I will probably never see it again. Last night....I kind of freaked out for the first time. I think getting my last transfer call and actually seeing and knowing how its going to end really hit me and I balled my eyes out for the first time about going home. haha I miss and love all of you, but man- I want to stay here. I love it this place and there is nothing like the work I do here! The Gospel is true. I see it day in and day out!  I cant wait to just go down to Breda and go crazy! Its going to be a blast and a perfect ending to everything. Thank you for all the prayers and support!

Love, Zuster Brophy

All of us after visiting Mano
 Waiting for a bus after Stake Conference...drinking Stoofperen vla....natuurlijke :) 
 Mano and the crew :)
We received our Halloween Package...yea!